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The Quran has powerfully rejected, in varied places, the heinous act of murder, particularly murder on a mass scale that spreads terror and mischief on earth. According to the Quran, those that commit such deeds are considered brigands and rebels (which we already discussed). A thorough study of the Quran will shed light on the numerous signs and blameworthy innovations of the Kharijites. Here we present some of these Quranic verses.


God says in the Quran,

‘He is the One Who has revealed to you the Book comprising some firm and solid verses [i.e., literally clear and precise in meaning]; they are the foundation of [commandments] of the Book. And other verses are figurative [i.e., containing abstract and allusive meaning]. So, those who have deviation in their hearts follow only its figurative verses [just] under the urge to create disruption and with the motive to supply them self-seeking interpretation instead of their true interpretation. But none knows its true interpretation apart from God. And those who are perfectly firm in knowledge say: ‘We believe in it. The whole (Book) has been revealed by our Lord’. And direction and guidance is the share of only those who possess wisdom and insight’.

Interpreting this verse, Imam Ibn Abi Hatim wrote,

‘Abu Umama reported that the Messenger of God ﷺ said, “They are the Kharijites”.

Ibn Kathir cited a hadith in which the Prophet said,

‘“As for those who possess deviation in their hearts, they seek to follow what is unclear thereof” are none else but the Kharijites’.

Imam al-Khazin mentioned in his exegesis the various people of deviation and included the Kharijites amongst them. The Hadith of Abu Umama cited by Abu Hafs al-Hanbali in his exegesis is revealing and deserves mention. Abu Hafs al-Hanbali wrote:

Al-Hasan said, ‘They [who have deviation in their hearts] are the Kharijites’. And when Qatada recited this verse, ‘So as for those who possess deviation in their hearts . . .’, he would say, ‘If they are not the Haruriyya [i.e., Kharijites] then I do not know who they are. . . .’ It is reported from Abu Ghalib who said, ‘I was once walking with Abu Umama as he rode a donkey. When he finally reached the door of the Mosque of Damascus he said thrice, “They are the dogs of Hellfire. They are the most evil of those slain under the heavens. Glad tidings to the one who kills them and the one who is killed by them”, then he wept. I said, “O Abu Umama, what causes you to cry?” He replied, “Out of pity for them. They were from
the people of Islam [and became disbelievers] and left its fold”. I asked, “O Abu Umama! Are these [the Kharijites] the ones you are referring to?” He replied, “Yes”. I then asked, “Is this something you say from your own opinion, or is it something you heard from the Messenger of God ﷺ ?” He replied, “I would be most foolhardy if I said this from my own opinion; rather, I heard it from the Messenger of God not once, twice, thrice, or four times, five times, six times or seven times, but several times”. Then he inserted his fingers into his ears and said thrice, “If what I say is untrue, let both of my ears go deaf”

Imam al-Suyuti also narrated this hadith in his exegesis and explained that the Prophet ﷺ  meant the Kharijites. Al-Nahas has also narrated from Aisha (RA) who reported that Abd Allah bin. Abbas said that the people of deviation mentioned in the verse were the Kharijites.


God says in the Quran,

‘On the Day when many faces will be bright and many others will be dark, the ones with dark faces [will be
asked], “Did you reject faith after you had believed? So taste the torment for the disbelief you had been

Interpreting this verse, Imam Ibn Abi Hatim narrated from Abu Umama that the Prophet ﷺ  said, ‘[In this verse] they [who rejected faith after believing] are the Kharijites’. Ibn Kathir also referred to the Kharijites in his interpretation of this verse. Ibn Mardawayh narrated the same report via Abu Ghalib and Abu Umama. Imam Ahmad narrated it in his Musnad, Imam al-Tabarani in his al-Mu’jam al-Kabir and Imam Ibn Abi Hatim narrated it in his exegesis from Abu Ghalib’s chain of transmission. In his exegesis of this verse, Imam al-Suyuti also referred to the Kharijites.


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