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Which Typeface Is Most Popular – Typography

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Which Typeface Is Most Popular

Surprisingly, despite the growing popularity of font replacement techniques and also the growing handiness of latest pre-installed fonts (e.g. Windows Vista and Macintosh fonts), styles in our study primarily used the normal, core website fonts, solely exceptions being Lucida Grande (which comes put in only on Macs), Helvetica and Baskerville. (Typeface)

Most popular Typeface

Average Font Size For Headlines and Body

As one would assume, Arial, Georgia, and Verdana are used for the popularity of body copy today. In our study, around 80 percent of sites used one of these 3 fonts. For the remaining 20 percent, designers̓ preferred Helvetica is a common choice, as is Lucida Grande.

With choices like Verdana and Arial obtainable as fallbacks, a designer extremely has no reason to not specify alternative non-standard fonts to realize the most {effective} effect.

Popular Types for Headlines

Verdana is employed minimally for headlines. Only ten websites use it for body copy, to start with, and solely four use it for headlines. The most reason is that Verdana puts plenty of spacing between letters that make it not as tidy to scan at a large size.

If you’re getting to use Verdana for headlines, you’ll need to take advantage of the CSS letter-spacing property. Georgia and Arial are the foremost widespread fonts for headings.

popular fonts for headings.

Jon Tan uses serif typeface, Baskerville, for headlines and serif typeface Georgia for body copy.

Finally, we note that “alternative” fonts are used way more for headlines than for body copy. Designers appear a lot of willing to experiment with their headings than with the most body. If you wish to bring some trade variation into your next style, headings are also the simplest place to begin.




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