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Scientific Interpretation of the Chemical Stages of Human

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chemical stages of Human

Scientific interpretation of the chemical stages

Qur’ānic interpretation of the seven stages of chemical creation of man is now being examined by modern
scientific research. (chemical stages of Human)

Creation of Adam Creation of Man – Religion, and Science Chemical Stages of Human Creation
Biological Stages of Human Creation

According to modern scientific research the creation of human life completed in two stages:

  1. Stage of inorganic matter
  2. Stage of organic matter

1. Stage of inorganic matter

At this stage, science presents the concept that a ball of fire separated from the sun. The earth came into existence
because of that ball of fire. Initially, its temperature was very high. Then the earth started cooling gradually. On the
the upper layer of the earth the chemical relations of Hydrogen (H2), Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2) and Carbon (C2)
developed. As a result of these chemical relations, the following compounds existed: (chemical stages of Human)

Water (H2O)
Ammonia (NH2)
Meithin (Ctl4)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
Hydrogen Molecule (H2)

The aforementioned compounds came on the crust of the earth. After a long time the temperature of the earth
became so low that the water of the air after freezing turned into rain. It continued raining over the earth for centuries. As a result, the water of the rain-washed or swept the six compounds lying on the crust of the earth to the sea. They disappeared in the soil of seashore. So at the first stage, this matter changed into inorganic matter. (chemical stages of Human)

2. Stage of organic matter

In the second stage, clay was born as a result of the combination of inorganic matter and water. It has been
interpreted as at-tīn (clay) in the Holy Qur’ān.

When this clay was combined with these compounds, the adsorbable clay came into existence. When this matter
was absorbed in the seashore by the combination of water and other chemical essences, then it became the chemical extract of the clay. After a long time this clay after dying changed into sounding potsherd. After a long period, this clay changed into physically and chemically altered mud. So after the completion of all the stages, the chemical creation of man was executed.

From the Qur’ānic interpretation and the scientific research about the chemical creation of man, we extract the point that the fundamental compounds in the chemical formation of human life are clay, inorganic matter and chemical extract of the clay. Lots of compounds were formed during these chemical stages but five of them are noteworthy. They are:

  1. Sugar
  2. Glycerin
  3. Fatty Acids
  4. Amino Acids
  5. Nitrogen Gases

The Holy Qur’ān has interpreted the collection of these five compounds as the chemical extract of the clay. Furthermore as a result of the mutual chemical process of these five compounds five important and complicated
groups were framed:

  1. Adenosine Phosphates
  2. Poly Saccharides
  3. Fats
  4. Proteins
  5. Nucleic Acids

As a result of the mutual chemical process of these five compounds, two qualities were produced in the chemical extract of the clay:

  1. Auto-reproduction
  2. Mutation

Almighty Allāh kept the quality of self-regeneration in a particular nucleic acid named, Deoxi Ribose nucleic acid,
which by a self-propelled process, develops by the ratio of one to two and two to four. DNA is the protector of the
eternity and continuity of life. Chromosomes are also made by this DNA.

RNA is also framed by its command. If we imagine DNA as a boss, RNA will be its subordinate. RNA produces proteins and performs many other functions of the formation of the human body by the order of DNA. Human character, qualities, appearance, construction, and formation are engraved on DNA in the form of special codes. These codes are called genes. With this respect, DNA is called a mutation. Because of this mutation, the physical appearance of men, their embellishments, characters, and outlooks become different from each other. This is the best masterpiece of the Creator.

At this stage, the process of life began and this stage also became the foundation of the commencement of life. The
primary cells existed from these chemical stages and they became the prelude to life. At this stage, the inorganic matter changed into organic matter and the qualities of auto reproduction and mutation were produced in it. Now Allāh the Highest commanded the compound reaching the stage of the sulālah min tīn (chemical extract of clay) to become Adam.

It is stated in the Holy Qur’ān:

So when I have fashioned his (outward) form in perfect proportion and breathed into (the innermost nature of this mortal) frame My own (light-diffusing) spirit, fall you down before him in prostration.

It is the stage of the beginning of life. The first human being was Adam (AS). The stage of commencement of life is based on:

I am going to create man from such ringing clay that is old and had become slime (due to the changes by sunlight, and other physical and chemical effects).

This proves that man’s physical appearance on the earth followed the final stage of chemical creation.

In other words by making him an auto reproductive organism and bringing about mutation and creation man has
become a manifestation of revolution from a base status to divinely sublime levels of life.

It was indicated that man was endowed with these qualities so that he may alter his habits, rise from the depths of darkness and achieve the enviable status of Ahsan taqwīm (special creation). Allāh blessed man with the status of prophethood and saintliness and most of all the finality of the Holy Prophet ﷺ was the acme of human ascension to ultimate divine heights. Though this status was bestowed on mankind the person of the Holy Prophet ﷺ was sanctified, glorified and divinely purified of all the afflictions that a man can fall prey to. At this stage, Allāh enjoins the angels to prostrate before Adam(A.S).

(chemical stages of Human)

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