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Health Benefits of Berries – Berries

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Health Benefits of Berries

Health Benefits of Berries

Berries are a saving grace. Their main power comes from antioxidants, the miracle fighters of free radicals. Antioxidants mean life, while oxidation means death. We need these antioxidants to fight the aging (oxidation)  process, and to stay alive in the face of constant threats to our health. Berries broadcast their health value with their deep purples, blues, and blacks, which come from the polyphenols known as anthocyanins (including malvidin) and anthocyanidins. They’re also rich in dimethyl resveratrol and dozens of other phytochemicals, amino acids, coenzymes, and co-compounds that have yet to be discovered by science and are more plentiful and bioavailable in berries than in any other food. (Health Benefits of Berries)

An Excellent Source of Iron

An excellent source of iron,  magnesium,  selenium, zinc,  molybdenum,  potassium,  chromium, and calcium, berries also have traces of  omega-3,  omega-6,  and omega-9 fatty acids. Plus, they have hidden compounds that stop excess adrenaline from causing damage to organs. This makes blackberries, raspberries, strawberries,  elderberries, Schisandra berries, and the like critical for life on earth. (For  cranberries,  see  the separate feature on them.) Wild berries, especially, pack an anti-aging, disease-fighting, life-giving punch.

And wild blueberries are in a league of their own you’ll find information on them specifically in the “Wild Foods” section. Whenever possible, choose frozen wild blueberries instead of clamshells of fresh, cultivated blueberries. Make it part of your habit, after shopping in the produce section of the market, to swing by the frozen food aisle, where bags of wild blueberries are readily available. You’ll be providing your body with the greatest chance of recovery and healing.

Brain Food

Berries are true brain food.  Not only are they B12-enhancing; they have the power to reverse stains on the brain lesions, gray areas,  calcifications, heavy metal deposits, white spots, scar tissue, crystallizations, and adhesions created by damaged, expanded blood vessels.  For protection against all brain disorders and diseases, including brain cancer,  ALS,  Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke, aneurysm, and migraines, turn to berries.   For any illness with neurological symptoms, berries are the answer.

When you think of heart health,  too, think berries. Nothing compares to the way berries protect heart valves and ventricles and remove plaque by dissolving hardened fat deposits within veins and arteries.  The humble berry reigns supreme for keeping people out of the cardiologist’s office.

And we can’t ignore what berries mean for fertility. Shortly, scientific research will discover a group of compounds that specifically promote fertility. These pro-fertility compounds, which derive from a single variety of polyphenol, are responsible for a woman’s reproductive system’s ability to maintain a constant balance so that the
“low battery” behind so many cases of mystery infertility does not occur.  Berries truly are an answer to the future of humankind.


If you have any of the following conditions, try bringing berries into your life:

benign brain tumors Brain cancer aneurysm Parkinson’s disease
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis stroke dementia encephalitis
Alzheimer’s disease  migraines autism Huntington’s disease
attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder epilepsy narcolepsy osteomyelitis
Tourette’s syndrome heart disease atherosclerosis multiple  sclerosis
cerebral palsy prostate cancer ovarian  cancer tachycardia
atrial  fibrillation uterine cancer mystery infertility endometriosis
polycystic  ovarian  syndrome tinnitus depression posttraumatic stress disorder
pelvic inflammatory disease insomnia anxiety obsessive-compulsive disorder 
low reproductive system battery acne adrenal fatigue chronic fatigue syndrome
thyroid diseases and disorders fibromyalgia weight gain bladder infections
viral infection fibroids hypoglycemia Lyme  disease
adenomas diabetes eczema psoriasis
edema thyroid nodules


If you have any of the following symptoms, try bringing berries into your life:

High  cholesterol ovarian  cysts thickening  uterus inflamed uterus
fallopian tubes ovaries irregular menstruation hormonal imbalances
hot  flashes fatigue heart palpitations tingles
swallowing issues numbness sensations of humming or vibration in the body
mineral deficiencies blurry eyes headaches nerve pain
cramping and spasming chest  pain chest tightness frozen shoulder
panic attacks dizziness listlessness phobias
ringing or buzzing in the ears malaise Brain lesions spinal lesions
eye floaters ear pain jaw pain neck pain
blood sugar imbalances brain fog sluggish liver anxiousness
myelin nerve damage calcifications scar tissue Candida overgrowth
Brain adhesions back pain knee  pain poor circulation


For those who feel distracted, unsure, unfocused, mixed up, foggy, disordered, blurred, adrift, dizzy, confused, or too often puzzled, berries hold unique powers to offer relief.  These states of being are both conscious and subconscious, physical and metaphysical—conditions of the mind and soul.  When you apply berries with the intention of self-treating all aspects behind your muddled feelings and perceptions, your issues can reverse, and miracles can come your way. (Health Benefits of Berries)


If you seek abundance, become a student of the berry. From late spring to late fall, there’s never a gap in berry offerings as one field of strawberries wanes, blackberries in a nearby bramble begin to plump. It’s all about replenishment, about not panicking when one source dries up because more jewels are to be found just around the corner.

Berries are selfless. You won’t find them high up, out of reach. Rather, they grow low to the ground, where they’re accessible to all varieties of animals, from bears, deer, humans, squirrels, and birds, to mice, voles, rabbits, and even snails. Berries are all about sharing, about providing enough to go around for everyone. When we bring berries into our lives, their kindness and generosity become a part of us, so that we become providers in the cycle of abundance, not just takers. (Health Benefits of Berries)


  • Eating your favorite berries shortly after sunrise will boost your energy and vitality throughout the day.
  • Grazing between meals with some handfuls of berries can raise your body’s frequency to bring you to a more
    positive, peaceful state.
  • Picking berries from an organic farm, your backyard, or a wild source in nature, and then eating them unwashed, will allow their elevated biotics to restore much-needed beneficial bacteria to the gut, re-enabling the body’s ability to self-produce all the coenzyme varieties of vitamin B12.
  • Berry picking is also an unmatchable grounding technique. Plucking blueberries from a bush or raspberries from a thorny cane, concentrating on selecting only the ripe ones and not getting pricked forces you to be present. It’s a sacred state of being that both connects us to our ancestors and brings us into unity with the singing birds and rustling leaves of the here and now.
  • For the most powerful prebiotic possible to nurture all beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms in the gut, add raw honey to a bowlful of berries.
  • Eating berries on a sunny day increases adrenal strength and helps balance blood sugar. Eating berries on a cloudy
    day increases cleansing of the liver and helps break it out of sluggishness.
  • Invite a friend over to share a big bowl of berries. You’ll be surprised at how emotional wounds start to lift and clear
    for both of you as your conversation becomes pleasingly sacred, deep, healing, and, in the end, happy.

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