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Why Should We Hire You – An Interview

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Why Should We Hire You

Why Should We Hire You?

Why Should We Hire You? This question is often used to bring an interview to a close, so treat it as your opportunity to sell yourself boldly to the interviewers. A good answer may match three or four of your key skills and characteristics of the job. For example:

Your advert said that you were looking for someone who is highly numerate, has good teamworking and presentation skills, and a willingness to work hard. I hope that my experience as a financial analyst at Transworld Bank shows that I’m good with numbers. Both of the jobs I’ve held so far have required me to work often long hours in a close-knit team and it’s something that I very much enjoy. And my boss singled out my presentation skills in my last appraisal. So I think that I am a very strong candidate


If you want to add the icing to the cake, you can go on to mention how much you want the job. Try a bit of subtle flattery in talking about the reputation or standing of the company. Or mention some other positive reasons you want to work for the company, such as the quality of their training scheme or the fact that the business is successful and growing.

Why Should We Hire You


Your body language and tone of voice are doubly important when answering this key question. Make sure that you exude confidence and enthusiasm as you list the key skills and characteristics that make you the right person for the job. If confidence isn’t currently one of your strongest traits, take a look at Kate Burton and Brinley Platt’s Building Confidence For Dummies (Wiley) for good advice.


What is your greatest failure?

Ooh, this is a nasty question. The interviewer is setting you a big trap to fall into. The way to fend off this question is by saying that you don’t think that you have ever had a ‘greatest failure’.

However, saying that you’ve never failed is not a good enough answer on its own. So go on to talk about some minor failure that you have experienced – perhaps a particular project that did not go well or a piece of work that was not up to your usual high standards.


Try to find an example of a situation that went badly due to unforeseen circumstances. Never blame anyone else for the failure – as an interviewer can label you as someone who shirks responsibility and seeks to point the finger at other people. And try to finish off your anecdote by talking about the lesson you took from it.

Why Should We Hire You


Honesty is a good trait, but too much honesty can be your downfall when answering this question! If you believe that you have been guilty of a major failure – even if it was only through bad luck or circumstance try to play it down.


Do you have any regrets?

Regret is a very strong, emotionally-laden word. Again, the trap here is for unwary candidates to end up confessing major misgivings about their lives.

Unskilled interviewers often ask closed questions. But even though answering with a simple yes or no is technically correct, avoid doing so as you’ll lose out on an opportunity to sell yourself.

One way to avoid the trap would be to say something like:

1. Sure, I have made mistakes, but I don’t think that I have any real regrets. I believe that I’ve learned from every situation that I’ve been in. And those situations and my choices in those situations have made me the person that I am.

Alternatively, you can admit to wondering what may have happened if you had made a different decision at some time in your career. But always assert at the end of your tale that your decision was the right one to have made at the time. For example:

2. We had an offer from a big American conglomerate to buy our business a few years ago. But the negotiations fell through because the conglomerate was not willing to pay us fairly for our business. As it turned out, the bottom fell out of the market and the value of our shares fell. But there was no way that we could have foreseen that terrorist attacks would cause a slump in the economy. So at the time, it had been the right decision.


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