September 17, 2020

Cleavage or Segmentation – Process of Cellular Division


Cleavage or Segmentation

An important Qur’ānic principle of the biological evolution of man is that it began from a single cell. This is clearly stated at several places in the Qur’ān:

O Mankind be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single cell  Qur’ān (an-Nisā’) 4:1.

And He is the One Who has produced you from a single cell. Qur’ān (al-An‘ām) 6:98.

And He created you from one cell. Qur’ān (az-Zumar) 39:6.

Your creation and your resurrection are only as the creation and raising from a single cell. Qur’ān (Luqmān) 31:28.

In modern terminology, this single cell is called a fertilized ovum or zygote. This single-cell works as a complete unit which can develop and evolve into a future person. The concept of a zygote being a compound cell is clearly mentioned in the following verse of Qur’ān.

Indeed We created man from a mixed cell. Then we make him hearing and seeing. Qur’ān (ad-Dahar) 76:2.

This verse also reflects the beauty of Allāh’s providence, that he created all the potentialities of a fully grown-up person with auditory, visual and comprehending faculties.

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Once the sperm and oocyte fuse to form the zygote a process of cellular division takes place known as “cleavage
of the zygote”. Repeated mitotic divisions of the zygote increase the number of cells into two, then four, eight and
so on, eventually forming what is known as a blastocyst. (Moore 1993). In this respect, the Qur’ān beautifully demonstrated the process of cellular division in the following verses.

O mankind be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created from a single cell and then created another one from it to make it a pair and then from those created multitudes of men & women. Qur’ān (an-Nisā’) 4:1.

The fact that through the mitotic division of the zygote only a few numbers of cells take part in the formation to the embryo (Azzindani 1982) is aptly defined in the subsequent verse:

He created him from a part of “Nutfah” and then immediately programmed him (his future). Qur’ān (‘Abasa) 80:19.

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