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Are You an Organized Person – An Interview

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Are You an Organized Person

Are You an Organized Person?

Of course, you are highly organized! Illustrate your organizational skills by talking about some of the methods or systems that you use to organize your work, such as:

  • Making lists of tasks.
  • Keeping files and records on different projects Developing a routine or process.
  • Using tables, spreadsheets, computer programs, or even Gantt charts (but only talk about these if you genuinely have used them) to track progress on different pieces of work.

Don’t forget to prove that you really are organized by providing a short example of a project that you have organized or co-ordinated.

Why Should We Hire You


Be careful not to imply that you are so organized that you would find it difficult to function without your methods and ways of working. Sometimes the globe of labor offers sudden issues and things that you {just} just ought to tackle ad libitum.

As a subsidiary question, associate inquirer could raise you: however tidy is your table at work? Such an issue means the inquirer most likely believes that a tidy table could be a sign of a tidy mind therefore full marks head to willdidates UN agency can describe associate orderly space.


How would you describe your time management skills?

For most jobs, employers ar searching for time management skills the flexibility to differentiate between what has to be done at once and what will wait. Of course, you wish to mention that you simply have experience management skills.


A good tactic is to say that you always prioritize the most important and urgent tasks to the top of the pile. When that doesn’t work, say that you simply enlist colleagues to assist or check whether or not the point will be captive. As a final possibility, you’ll say that you {simply|that you just} simply get on with the work and keep late to induce everything done.

Go on to demonstrate your time management skills by giving an example of a time when you had to prioritize between different tasks.

As associate example, simply the opposite week I had a client UN agency wished associate emergency order controlled at once at identical time as my boss required some monetary information There was no approach I may have done each, thus I asked a colleague to modify the client order whereas I place along the info that my boss required.


Time management is ultimately the ability to distinguish between urgency and importance. Urgency describes whether or not a task has to be done terribly before long or whether or not it will stay up for many hours or many weeks. Importance describes the extent to that the task should be completed – some tasks are fully vital whereas others could also be less crucial.


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