Bananas have gotten a nasty rap of late, infernal for being too high in sugar. The reality is that the sugar in a properly ripened banana is completely different from the cane sugar and other processed sweeteners in cookies, cakes, and doughnuts. Unlike processed sugar, the fruit sugar in bananas is warranted to crucial life-supporting trace minerals like anganese, selenium, copper, boron, and molybdenum, and large amounts of minerals such as potassium, which is one of the most critical nutrients for neurotransmitter function. Bananas also are high in amino acids that work facet by facet with the extremely bioavailable potassium as a catalyst for abounding electrolyte production. Rather than thinking of bananas as all sugar, we have to remind ourselves that bananas are made up of fiber, pulp, and water, too and that their fruit sugar content is that the terribly reason bananas have wealthy provides of antioxidants, vitamins, and alternative phytonutrients to assist us to fight illness.

Bananas are a powerful antiviral food so powerful that they can repel growth of the retrovirus
HIV. High in tryptophan, bananas will facilitate soothe sleep disorders, produce calm, reduce anxiety, and relieve depression. And those who worry about Candida do not need to fear bananas. They are the final word fungus destroyers, removing unproductive bacteria whereas feeding useful microorganisms within the intestinal tract. This conjointly makes them B12-enhancing, because microbes within the gut will interrupt the ileum’s rightful method of producing B12.

When it involves digestive aids, nothing beats bananas. They are truly an antispasmodic for hyperactive colons and small intestinal tracts. Bananas can alleviate gastric cramps and stress-related gastrointestinal disorders; they are a secret weapon in reversing colitis, IBS, and Crohn’s disease. Bananas are also wonderful blood sugar stabilizers,       have stress-assist phytochemicals to get you through your day and help you balance your weight no matter where you are on the spectrum.


If you have got any of the subsequent conditions, try bringing bananas into your life:

Colitis,   irritable bowel syndrome Crohn’s disease celiac disease
gastroesophageal autoimmune disease heart disease reflux disease
adrenal fatigue Alzheimer’s disease bipolar disorder depression
diabetes carpal tunnel syndrome gallbladder disease diverticulitis
hemorrhoids human immunodeficiency virus Parkinson’s disease sleep disorders
infertility attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder fungal infections shingles
arthritis low reproductive system battery anxiety hypoglycemia
tendonitis posttraumatic stress disorder  hyperglycemia edema


If you have any of the following symptoms, try bringing bananas into your life:

weight gain Loss of taste and/or smell enlarged spleen blurred vision
weight loss temporomandibular joint issues Candida overgrowth tachycardia
fatigue diabetic neuropathy constipation bruising
bloating sensations of humming or vibration  in the body apnea diarrhea
headache  blood sugar imbalances blurry  eyes jaw pain
ear pain food sensitivities muscle weakness anxiousness
back pain abdominal cramping abdominal pain Bell’s palsy
tingles and numbness


Bananas strengthen the core of who we are, encouraging us to peel back our false shields and expose our true selves. They facilitate reverse a state of mind that’s saturated with worry (eating 3 or additional every day can facilitate reduce PTSD), and that they facilitate us categorical our true desire to be productive, overcoming procrastination and other unproductive behaviors in the process. If you’re thinking that a friend is holding on to gall, provide her or him a banana, and |it’ll facilitate dissolve the sentiments of sick will.


At times of spiritual growth, we may find ourselves feeling indestructible and completely absorbed at the moment. If we’re not careful, though f we haven’t planned and fortified ourselves for the future the strong wind of challenge may take us down. Learn,  then, from the banana plant.  Not technically trees, banana plants form thick and wide root mats, with the underground  (stems) continually surfacing as suckers ready to grow. Because banana “trunks” is not wood rather, they’re formed from layer upon layer of leaves they grow fast, with new offshoots able to rush to the rescue whenever the weather has taken down another stalk.

As you reach for the sky,  blossom, and bear fruit, remember to cast your root system-wide and deep. Let every lesson learned to become a spiritual offshoot that may someday rescue you.


  • While you’ll like your bananas exhausting and green or mushy and brown, the optimum stage at that to eat bananas for peak nutrition is peak maturity. When a banana’s skin is still green, enzymes prevent the absorption of any of the fruit’s nutrients. And an overripe banana with entirely brown or black skin contains hard fruit. The safest purpose at that to eat a banana is once its skin is yellow, with brown speckles. (The definitive check is that the banana won’t provide you with a fuzzy feeling on your tongue.)
  • Bananas are the best food for travel whether on long car rides, flights, or errands around town. When you know you have a trip coming up, buy bananas ahead of time so they’ll be at just the right stage of ripeness when you need them.
  • Bananas are the foremost powerful exercise food. feeding a banana before and once exercise can fill again the body over the other food out there


This “milkshake” is the classic childhood favorite without the dairy and you won’t miss it, because the drink is cold, creamy, and perfect. The hint of fresh vanilla bean and the dusting of cinnamon make it even more incredible.

  • 1½-inch piece of a vanilla bean pod split lengthwise
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 4 fresh bananas
  • 2 dates, pitted
  • 1 cup of coconut water
  • ⅛ teaspoon cinnamon (optional)

Scrape the seeds from the vanilla bean pod and place them in a blender.* Place the remaining ingredients in the blender; blend until smooth and drink up!

*Save the exterior of the vanilla bean pod for use blended into a smoothie or dessert. (Note that a high-speed blender will be necessary to break it down thoroughly.)


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