September 17, 2021

Formation of Bones and Muscles in Human Body

Bones and Muscles in Human Body

Formation of Bones and Muscles in Human Body

The Qur’anic verse cited earlier continues to explain the formation of bones and muscles. 2 different Arabic words are wont to describe the word flesh. The first is Mughdah, as explained earlier. Another word is “Lahm” which means intact flesh. Maurice Bucaille explains this distinction stating that the bone structure develops inside the chewed substance called mesenchyma. The bones that are later shaped are coated, however this point with “Lahm”, intact flesh (ibid p-205). In fact, this may even be seen as relating the muscular system (Bones and Muscles in Human Body)

The Somites then give rise to most of the axial skeleton, namely the bones of the head, neck, and trunk as well as associated musculature. (Moore and Persaud, 1993 p-63)

This entire method is in precise accord with the Qur’ān:

And indeed we created man from elements of dust. Then we put him in a secure place in the form of a cell. Then we made him a being like a hanging nest fixed (in the wall of the uterus). Then we fashioned him a chewed lump. Then out of chewed lump, we made bones and clothed bones with muscles. Then gradually out of it, We developed another creation. So blessed is your Lord who is the best of the creators. (al-Mominūn) 23:12-14

Azzindani (ibid p-80a) explains how the Qur’ān also defines the mudghah to consist of differentiated and undifferentiated components:

Then out of chewed like substance partly differentiated and partly undifferentiated  (Qur’ān (al-Haj) 22:5.)

It is indeed true that although the analgae of all organs have formed, their function has yet to appear. The organs are thus partly differentiated and partly undifferentiated.

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