September 17, 2021

Embryonic Stage Weeks 4-6 and 6-8 – Creation of Man

Embryonic Development

Embryonic Stage: Weeks 4-6

 According to Moore and Persaud

By the fourth week, the embryo is almost straight. Upper limb buds become recognizable day 26 or 27 and the primordia of the internal ears are also clearly visible. The future lenses of the eyes, called lens placodes are also visible on the sides of the head (Moore and Persaud, 1993 p-77).

According to ibid

From 33-36 days the head plates and the nasal pits are prominent. By 40 days the footplates are formed and some pigment is visible in the retina (ibid p-78).

In an authentic tradition of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, known as a Hadith, matches this sequence of events. It states that the embryo has captive from the hanging stage of “Alaqah” to an additional substantial substance of “Mudghah” (somites): (Embryonic Stage)

In every one of you all components of your creator are gathered together by 40 days and in that is “Alaqah” like that, then it is “Mudghah” like that. (Muslim, as-Sahīh, b. of qadar (4:2036#1).

Embryonic Stage: Weeks 6-8

These speedy developments whereby the embryo begins to require additional human-like characteristics are indicated in Surah al-Muminūn. Here once the bones are coated with “Lahm” – intact flesh, the Qur’ān states”

Then gradually out of it, We developed another creature. So Beneficent is your Lord who is the best of the Creators. (Qur’ān (al-Mominūn) 23:14.)

Azzindani (ibid p-94a) notes, however, the verb ‘ansha’ translated at the start as “developed” carries 2 meanings’ to initiate and to cause to develop. At twelve weeks the nails of the foetus are growing on the fingers and toes and hair is present on the skin, thence the word initiate is employed. Additional developments happen step by step within the growth of the body and limbs themselves. The verb “ansha’a” so encompasses a comprehensive application. In other Hadith of the Holy Prophet ﷺ, it’s narrated”

When 42 nights have passed over the Nutfah, Allāh sends an Angel to it, who shapes it and makes its ears, eyes, skin, flesh, and bones. Then he says, “Oh Lord is it male or female?” And your Lord decides what he wishes and then the angel records it. (Muslim, as-Sahīh, b. of qadar (4:2037#3).)

It is attention-grabbing to notice that the Angels raise “is it male or female?” though the gender of the embryo is set at fertilization the morphological characteristics of the male and female-only begin to develop at the seventh per week and visual at nine weeks. The question noted by the Angels matches’ contemporary observations.


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