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Bing Keyword Planner Tool

Bing Keyword Planner (Microsoft’s adCenter Keyword Generation Tool) generates keyword suggestions based on a search term or website you enter.

Entering a keyword in the search box will return data that includes search phrases that contain the keyword you provided, along with how many searches they received in the preceding month, typical click-through rate (CTR) percentages, and the average cost per click (CPC). For example, a search for ice cream returns ice cream makers, ice cream recipes, ice cream shops, etc. As you can see in Figure 1, the term ice cream had, according to Microsoft, 856,543 searches in the month prior to this screenshot.


Bing Keyword PlannerFIGURE 1. Microsoft adCenter Keyword Generation Tool basic output BING KEYWORD PLANNER

The “Export to Excel” option allows you to pull the collected data into a spreadsheet. Although the CTR (%) and Avg. CPC columns are intended for paid search customers, they can also provide some indication of SEO value. You can multiply the CTR by the search volume to get a sense of how many clicks a high-ranking paid search result might get (comparable organic results will get three to four times more clicks), and the CPC provides some indication of the competition for ranking on the term.

You can also obtain demographic data using this tool, as shown in Figure 2.

Keyword Generation Tool demographic settingsFigure 2 Microsoft adCenter Keyword Generation Tool demographic settings BING KEYWORD PLANNER

The adCenter keyword tool will also allow you to research keywords by looking at your website, or your competitor’s website. To use it in this mode, enter a URL into the search bar, and the tool will return keywords related to the website selected.

Where it gets its data.

The adCenter Keyword Generation Tool obtains its data from Microsoft’s Bing search query database.

How it is useful.

This tool is useful in generating keyword suggestions based on a keyword you are targeting or on your site’s URL. You can also enter your competitor’s URL and see what the keyword suggestions are for its site.


The adCenter Keyword Generation Tool is free, although you do have to create an account with Microsoft adCenter and provide credit card information in the event that you advertise on the Microsoft network.

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