Blessings of Ramadan

Blessings of Ramadan & Fasting

Importance and Blessings of Ramadan:

“O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous.”

(Surah Al-Baqarah 2:183)

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Hijri Calendar and It is the chief of all months. Also called Ramzan / Ramazan / Ramadan Kareem / Ramzan ul Mubarak, is the most important month for Muslims all over the world.

Blessings of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is an opportunity given by the gracious Creator for His servants to come close to Him, seek forgiveness for their sins, and fulfillment of their needs.

“And when My servants ask you about Me, I Am near; I answer the call of the caller when he calls on Me. So let them answer Me, and have faith in Me, that they may be rightly guided.”

(Surah Al-Baqarah 2:186)

“… and men who fast and women who fast, … Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and a mighty reward.”

(Surah Al-Ahzab, 33:35)

Muslims fast during the daytime throughout the holy month of Ramadan (from dawn to dusk) as fasting is the third pillar of Islam and has been made obligatory by Allah for all adults and sane Muslims. Whoever denies this obligation does not remain a Muslim. Blessings of Ramadan

Blessings of Ramadan

During Ramadan,

  • Muslims fast during day time (from dawn to dusk) as fasting is one of the pillars of Islam and has been made obligatory by Allah for all adults and sane Muslims.
  • Muslims offer Salat-e-Taraweeh by night (after Isha Prayers).
  • Muslims perform ‘Itikat’ during the last ten days of this blessed month.
  • Allah increases rewards and bestows gifts in abundance.
  • Quran was revealed/completed.
  • Muslims dedicate most of their time to intensive prayers and Quran recitation.
  • Ramadan also carries historical importance as well. As already mentioned above, the Holy Quran was revealed during Ramadan. The “Battle of Badr” and the “Conquest of Makkah” also took place during this holy month.

Blessings of Ramadan

It was narrated by Abu Huraira (R.A.) that Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) said:

“Whoever fasts Ramadan out of faith and hope for reward, his past sins will be forgiven”

(Sahih Bukhari: 38) 

It was narrated by Abu Huraira (R.A.) that the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) said:

“When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained.” (Sahih Bukhari 1899)

Salmaan Farsi (R.A.) says that on the last day of Shabaan (8th Month of the Islamic Calendar), Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) spoke to us and said:

‘O People, there comes to you a great month now, a most blessed month, in which is a night greater in value and goodness than a thousand months. It is a month in which Allah Has made fasting fardh (obligatory) by day and has made Sunnah the Taraweeh Salah by night. Whosoever wants to be close to Allah by doing any good deed, for such person shall be the reward like the one who had performed a fardh in any other time and whoever performs a fardh (obligation), shall be given the reward of seventy faraaidh (obligations) in any other time.’   (Ref: Sahih Ibn Khuzaymah, Hadith No. 1887)

Ramadan is indeed the month of patience and the reward for true patience is Jannah (paradise). Blessings of Ramadan

It is the month of showing kindness to everyone.

It is the month in which a true believer’s rizq (food, money, etc.) is increased.

Whosoever feeds a fasting person in order to break the fast at iftar  (sunset),  for him there shall be forgiveness of sins and freedom from the fire of Jahannum (hell) and he shall receive the same reward as the fasting person (whom he fed) without the fasting person losing any reward.

Blessings of Ramadan

Ramadan | Fasting & Traditions

Ramadan is for the Muslims a very great favor. This favor can only be considered as such if we appreciate it, otherwise, Ramadan will come and go without us gaining anything.

Rules of Fasting:

Now the question is how to spend Ramadan according to the rules laid by the Quran and Hadith. Following are some points which are imperative for fasting and by observing these rules; we can get the maximum blessing of Allah during the month of Ramadan: Blessings of Ramadan

The intention of Fasting: Intention is a condition for the fast. If one does not make the intention of fasting but abstains from eating and drinking the entire day, then his fast will not be accepted. It is better to make an intention for the fast of Ramadan from the night before. Blessings of Ramadan

Blessings of Ramadan

Common Factors which Nullify the Fast:

  1. Medication is taken through the nose or ears.
  2. Intentionally vomit mouth full.
  3. Water accidentally goes down the throat whilst gargling
  4. Ejaculate because of contact with a woman.
  5. Swallow items that are not normally eaten, like a stick or a piece of iron.
  6. Smoke a cigarette.
  7. After eating or drinking forgetfully, one assumes his fast is broken and thereby continues to eat intentionally.
  8. Eating after Suhoor / Subh Sadiq / Sehri (starting time of Fast before Fajr Salah) with the impression of it being before Suhoor / Subh Sadiq.
  9. To make Iftar (time of breaking fast after Maghrib Salah) before sunset with the impression of it being after sunset.

We ask Almighty Allah to strengthen our faith in Ramadan, accept our fasts, and supplications, and reward us with His forgiveness and the highest place in Paradise. AMEEN

Blessings of Ramadan

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