Can The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hear and See Us

Can The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hear and See Us


Some people ask Can The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hear and See Us?  can he hear us if we send ‘Darood’ to him?

Can The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hear and See Us?


Can The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hear and See Us?

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said

My apparent living among within you is better for you and my demise would be better for you than after my device. Your each and every act would be placed before me each and every act is placed before me in this life and after my demise, all each and every person of the Ummah till the day of judgment whatever you do is reported to me and your AMAL and acts are placed before me, so when I see your good acts I praise Almighty Allah and become thankful when I say your bad acts then I ask for forgiveness from Almighty Allah for you.

This is the exclusive attribute that was just conferred on Holy Prophet  (PBUH) then again this attribute was also exclusive that every person who dies and this was never shared by other Prophets and messengers for their Ummah this is a blessing on Holy Prophet  (PBUH) for his Ummah that anyone who dies whether Muslim or non-Muslim there are three questions to be asked one about Allah one about the Deen of Islam and the final mandatory question is asked what do you know about Muhammad (PBUH) so the Sawab and the Azab, forgiveness and the punishment of the life hereafter is based on the answer whether a man can recognize and identify Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or not.

It is asked what do you say what you have been saying in your life about my beloved Prophet Muhammad and question regarding the Prophet and messenger was never asked by the old Ummah about their Prophets.

Another exclusive attribute given to Holy Prophet (PBUH) is that Holy Prophet said

you should read Salaat as much as possible on me on Friday because Friday is the day when all angels come to me and present all greetings of the Durood-o Salaam in my presence and anybody who sends Salaat on me his voice directly arrives to me, I hear the voice of the sender and the companions ask even after your death after your demise, Holy Prophet said yes after my demise because Almighty Allah has prohibited the earth to eat up the bodies of the Prophets, the Prophets, their bodies also remain alive after their demise it has been prohibited by Almighty Allah on the earth to eat up the bodies of Prophets, so Prophets remain bodily alive in their graves.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) says again Imam Ahmad Bin Humble relates Holy Prophet said

If any Muslim whether living in the east or west sends Durood, Salaat, and Salam on me Almighty Allah has already returned my spirit back to my body and I respond and reciprocate the salaam of every moment he answers the salaam of every person.

This is again an attribute in the same way Holy Prophet (PBUH) stated he stated Abu Hurayra RA, he is the transmitter, Holy Prophet (PBUH) said,

You should always keep on sending Salaat on me because your Salaat directly arrives to me wherever you are, your salaat directly arrives/reaches me.

Imam Sayyidina Ali Zain Al-Abideen RA reports and he says and this Hadees is mentioned by Abu Ya’la in Musnad, Holy Prophet (PBUH) says.

Your Salam reaches me wherever you are right from east to west your Salam directly reaches me.

So this is an exclusive attribute of the Holy Prophet  that there are two channels of reaching our salaam to the presence of the Holy Prophet  (PBUH) two ways one is through the angels, Holy Prophet said

Almighty Allah has appointed thousands of angels and specifically, an angel has been appointed in my presence, any person from my Ummah who reads Salaat and Salam the angels report about his Salam to me and report about this Salaat to me.

So one way established and correct way is that the Salaat and salam is reaches to Holy Prophet (PBUH) through the angels, this is one way and the other way is that every Salaat and salam directly reaches to Holy Prophet (PBUH) without the mediation of the angels again another Hadees which has been reported by imam Abu Ya’la in Musnad Holy Prophet (PBUH) said.

You have to recite Salaat and Salam on me because your Salaat reaches me directly as well as your Salam and the Taslim reaches me directly.

This is the direct reaching of Salaat and Salam to the Holy Prophet, another way is indirectly reaching through the angels again it is stated

Wherever you are keep on sending Salaat on me because your Salaat directly reaches me.

Important Question

There can be a question in your minds and in minds of many people then why if our Salaat and salam and our voices directly reach Holy Prophet (PBUH) and he directly listens to us and receives our salam then what is the point of appointing the angels to report Holy Prophet about our Salaat why the angels have been appointed this is a question which anybody can have in his mind.


The answer is very easy, very easy, Holy Prophet directly receives the Salaat and salam from the Ummah but at the same time for the protocol of his presence for sake of protocol angels have also been appointed to place the copies and records of the Salaat and salam similarly as Almighty Allah directly has the knowledge of our acts, good deeds or bad deeds but the angels have been appointed to inform Almighty Allah and they appear with record the appearance of the record through angels does not mean that Allah himself does not know.

The channel of angels does not negate the knowledge of Almighty Allah direct knowledge in the same way channel of angels does not negate the direct listening of the Holy Prophet about our Salam.

There is another exclusive attribute of the Holy Prophet this Hadees is related in Tiramazi Al-Jamiyah al-Sahih Holy Prophet said that

I see with my eyes many things which you can’t see with your eyes.

So this was again another attribute confirmed by Holy Prophet (PBUH) and another attribute mentioned by Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself Holy Prophet (PBUH) said.

“O” companions, I swear by Almighty God I see from my back in the same way as I see in front of myself.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) stated in this hadith that

Almighty Allah has placed the east of the world and the rest of the world in front of me and I have seen the east and west of the whole world with my own eyes.

Can The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hear and See Us

Can The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hear and See Us

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Can The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hear and See Us

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Can The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hear and See Us?