Rumi's Pain of Separation, Rumi

Rumi’s Pain of Separation – Rumi Series

Rumi’s Pain of Separation

This post contains the content from the lecture of  Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri “Travels of Rumi | Rumi Series” uploaded on the youtube channel TQTalks

Rumi’s Pain of Separation

Songs of Ma’rifa

Imam Jalaluddin Rumi says, gives another lesson

“Oh, my sons ‘addresses to the people if you don’t understand all these secrets and this phenomena ‘how does this happen’ leave your bedrooms, leave your houses, leave your facilities and rest of your life and come and spend some nights with those who are sleepless. And try to spend some time of your life in the street of the sleepless people, and see their conditions, and what is happening over there, only then you will be able to estimate the states and conditions and positions of those who have drunk the oceans of love of Almighty Allah.

These Awliya (saints) these lovers of Allah, the true friends of Almighty Allah.

The great Saints, when you will come to their streets. When you spend some nights of your life with them and you will taste, and enjoy the taste of sleeplessness then you will find that there are thousands and thousands and millions of the divine songs in their hearts, in their soul, and in their spirit. There are millions of divine songs and the fountains where the divine songs of Allah’s love are coming out. And from those fountains of love, and from those songs of MA’RIFA (Gnosis) of Almighty Allah, these Awliya (Saints) are always getting their Eternal Life, They are getting the strength for their life. (Rumi’s Pain of Separation)

(Rumi’s Pain of Separation)

Source of Knowledge

He says:

These are the people who do not just rely on the books, they get knowledge of Shariah through Books, and the one who does not seek knowledge of Sariha through books I mean from Quran and Hadith and Sunnah the get astray, but the whole sum of their knowledge is just not based on the books, they have some other source of knowledge too, and that’s is a direct connection with divinity, they get directly connected with Almighty Allah’s heavenly world, they get connected with ‘Malakut’ and ‘Jabarut’ and ‘Lahut’.

That’s why beyond the world of RUH (Spirit), they get connected with RUH (Spirit), and beyond the world of RUH (Spirit), and they get connected with SIRR (Secrets), the world of Secret, and the world of Mysteries and the world of Secrets of Secrets.  Each and every internal organ of their body, and each and every spiritual entity of their body get connected somewhere, and every world beyond this world is a source of knowledge, is a source of the secret, and is a source of mysteries.

They start getting direct revelation “not the revelation of prophethood this is Ilham (Inspiration), Asrar (Secrets) knowledge of secrets”. This knowledge is directly revealed onto their hearts and onto their Soul, and onto their spirit. They get directly connected with the Holy Prophet (PBUH), and the spirit of Prophets and they get knowledge directly from them. (Rumi’s Pain of Separation)

Saints Like A Pitcher

And finally, he says:
Their heart becomes like a pitcher, and then he gives an example he says:
Here is a pitcher which is connected with the ocean, a pitcher of the heart is connected with the ocean, an ocean is a place where it will never get dry, oceans never dry, apparently you see the pitcher is a smaller body as compared to a river, and Jahun is a river, look at a river, sometimes you see there is water, full of water, and sometimes comes when there is no rain, it gets dry, so, on the one hand, there is a river which can dry and on one hand there is a pitcher which never dries because it is connected with an ocean and always keeps on getting water from the ocean.

So the heart of Awliya (Saints) is like a pitcher which is connected with the secrets of the ocean of Almighty Allah. So their knowledge never ends, there is no end to their knowledge, they always keep on getting new secrets and new mysteries and they always keep getting new and new discoveries. This was a background of Mawlana Rum and his thought and his message. (Rumi’s Pain of Separation)

The City of Human Body

Shams Tabriz – The Guide of Rumi

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(Rumi’s Pain of Separation)