Shams Tabriz - The Guide of Rumi

Shams Tabriz – The Guide of Rumi

Shams Tabriz – The Guide of Rumi

This post contains the content from the lecture of  Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri “Shams Tabriz – The Guide of Rumi | Episode 2 | RUMI Series” uploaded on the youtube channel TQTalks

Shams Tabriz

Shams Tabriz asked Almighty Allah, my God, oh my Lord show me someone whom I could transfer this ocean to, and on that side in Kunya  Mawlana Rum he had already changed his mind and he was looking for a person who was holding the ocean of Ishq and modifying his heart so that he may drink from him this was a coincidence how the seeker the thirsty and ocean they meet together how the thirsty the true seeker and the person having the ocean how they meet together and here I would read certain verses describing this situation they are not of Mawlana Rum they have these are translation in Urdu of Mawlana Rum’s statement

Shams Tabriz the message from Almighty Allah go to Rum to Kunya and there is a Maulvi Rumi he is a maulvi and converts him to Maula-e-Rum, we make him Maula-e-Rum and take him away and take him out of the whole troubles of this Rum this world so he arrived there, there was a meeting I don’t want to go into the details and Mawlana Rum left his seat and stayed with him in a Rum in seclusion just two of them the whole day and night looking each other, eyes to eyes, staying together, listening to him, watching him, seeing him, receiving from him, drinking from him, and a fountain of Ishq and Mahrifa was opened in the heart of Mawlana Rum, he became Maula-e-Rum and then Maula-e-Rum, Maulana Rumi says at this point.

He said now this slogan of Ishq, this slogan of madness has become a love of my heart, I love this slogan of madness this condition of madness and I want to remain mad in love of my beloved till the day of judgment, now you don’t want to come back to senses, I don’t want to come back go back towards the reasoning and logic and philosophies and sciences yes I want to remain mad till the day of judgment this happened.

So after a couple of months, there was a very huge crying and problem in the whole of Konya his sons his students his colleagues, organizers of his college’s/ university, the knowledge seekers, everybody got against champs the praise. They thought that he has snatched our Sheikh from him and he has made him mad, so there was jealousy against him because of this Shams Tabriz left Konya, he left Konya, Shah Shams Tabriz the braze went to Damascus or somewhere else and now Maulana Rum got upset, now he tastes the pain of detachment, he tastes the pains of isolation, he tastes the pains of remaining away and far from his beloved and he’s and it is said as far as foreign he said oh my beloved since you have left me my whole life has become restless now there is a rest in this restlessness since you have left me my whole life has become restless and everything has been snatched from me I can’t sleep, I can’t have rest, I can’t smile, I can’t laugh, I can’t enjoy living in this world.

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