How Strong Is The Solution?

If the concentration of a certain ingredient is high, then it has a better chance of sneaking through the skin’s protective barriers. For example, the skin is going to be exposed to additional retinoic acid from a potent prescription-only cream than from an over-the-counter lotion that contains the constant ingredient. (SKIN SOAK UP)

How long will it remain on the skin?

The longer the merchandise sits on the skin’s surface, the addition of its ingredients is going to be absorbed. Our skin can take in additional paraben preservatives from a moisturizer that continues to be on the skin for hours than from a cleanser that’s quickly washed off, however, if you rub the cleanser smartly, the absorption rate can increase. (SKIN SOAK UP)

How much water does it contain?

It was once thought that oil-based skincare products penetrate the skin more readily than those that contain water. Today, we all know that well-hydrated skin absorbs chemicals at a far higher rate. Besides, hydration is magnified by paraffin, oils, and waxes. Paraffin, oils, and waxes as components of skin creams, ointments, and water-in-oil emulsions basically anything that prevents transepidermal water loss can improve the number of chemicals soaked up by the skin. Water acts as superb natural penetration attention. That’s why your skin can absorb more chemicals when you soak in synthetic bath foam for a long time. (SKIN SOAK UP)

How healthy is the skin?

Undamaged, strong skin can shield us from many toxic substances and germs, but even a slight scratch or cut becomes a welcome sign of anything we do not want inside our bodies. Even one thing is innocuous because the removal of outer layers of skin with a facial scrub or a peeling mask will dramatically increase dermal absorption. Inflamed, swollen skin disease pimples absorb additional benzoyl peroxide than the healthy skin simply an mm away. (SKIN SOAK UP)

Where do we apply the product?

The skin on different areas of the body varies in thickness. For example, facial skin will absorb ingredients twenty times faster than the thicker skin on the palms of the hands. (SKIN SOAK UP)


Skin Eats, Too – Do You Know

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