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The Spiritual Heart

This post contains the content from the lecture of  Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri “The Secrets of the Spirit Series – The Spiritual Heart” uploaded on the youtube channel TQTalks

So Heart was made the capital of that city, so heart became the Centre of that city, centre mean capital. That’s why since the heart was made the capital, the centre, was made the seat of His deputy. It was made the palace and that’s why the Holy Prophet (PUH) stated.

Allah (God), The Lord looks neither at you nor at your deeds He just look at your hearts, whatever is hidden in your hearts. (Muslim, As-Sahih Vol 4. P 1986 # 2564.)

The reason is that his deputy resides in the heart. That is his seat. When Almighty Allah made this spirit, his deputy, responsible for the whole for governing the whole system of the city. When I speak of heart, I do not refer to this physical heart, I do not refer to this vegetal heart, I do not refer to this piece of meat, I refer to the Spiritual Heart and that heart has been placed in the heart, otherwise, this piece of meat, the vegetal heart, the physical heart itself does not possess all those qualities and characteristics which have been related to it in Holy Quran. When Almighty Allah says:

Allah (as a result of their own choice) has set a seal on the hearts (Al-Baqarah, 2:7)

He does not mean this vegetal Heart. When Almighty Allah says:

Indeed the ear, the eye and the heart each of them will be questioned (Al-Isra, 17:36)

He does not mean this vegetal and physical heart, it has its own function that is just purification and circulation of blood. But this heart is not the place of wisdom, reasoning, understanding and gnosis and vision and is not a place of decision, piety, and sin. This is not the place of fearing from Almighty Allah. This is not the place of love. This is not the place of nearness to Almighty Allah.

All those spiritual qualities and all those spiritual characteristics which have been assigned and which have related and which have been described in connection of the heart, this vegetal heart is totally deprived of all those qualities which mean there is another heart which possesses all these qualities and characteristics described by the Holy Quran about him. That heart is the palace and this heart is the capital city for that palace. This is the place for that heart and the king lives in that palace because Almighty Allah if you take away all these spiritual qualities and characteristics and understanding and vision and piety and all these spiritual characteristics and qualities you take away from this heart and this body, this body just becomes an animal.


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