What is Thankfulness Law of Attraction

What is Thankfulness | Law of Attraction

What is Thankfulness | Law of Attraction

There is a law in this world and it is called the “Law of attraction”. The example is very simple, there are “waves” all around us.

If you want to believe it, turn on the radio and start fiddling with the frequency, you will hear “sad news” on a channel.

You have the option to change the frequency to hear something “pleasant” on another channel. Your mood and your mood will begin to change along with the news and its effects. This does not necessarily mean that the “sad news” waves have left the room or “on that frequency”. “Sad news” no longer exists

Rather, you have turned your “frequency” towards “pleasant things” so the waves from all sides are forced to tell you “pleasant things”. This is exactly the case with the “law of attraction”. When you are grateful, the whole universe moves

Allah tunes everything to the “frequency” you set. The choice and will are yours. You set a channel of “gratitude” or tune yourself to a “frequency” of “doubts and complaints”.

“Start thinking” about what you want to achieve, what you want to be. If you are grateful, then you will be surrounded by grateful people from morning to night, and if you meet an ungrateful person, you will also be grateful to him.

Your money, relationship, job, children, spouse, neighborhood, etc., whatever there is in excess in your life and you are happy with it, you are actually more grateful for it and what is lacking and lacking. They are the result of you being “less grateful” or “ungrateful”. Bills are paid on time, salaries are paid on time, children’s fees are paid, three meals a day are full, and your body is clean. Nice clothes, mobile in hand, caring mother, wife, sister, and daughter at home. Children who give chills to the eyes and I don’t know what blessings there are for which you start to be thankful day and night, morning and evening, are even less.

Remember, gratitude should be given from the heart. Feelings of gratitude are emanating from your feelings and heartbeats, you are saying “Alhamdulillah” with full sincerity. Put your hand on the shoulder of the driver leaving home in the evening and say “Thanks”, “Shakriya” and “Jajak Allah” once. Don’t talk if your limb swings. Allah Ta’ala will put this universe and all its forces in your service. We are extremely ungrateful and ungrateful people. All day long we keep our frequency tuned to “throat doubt” and hope that the waves of gratitude keep coming from all sides.

Allah Almighty says in clear words in the Qur’an:

“What is wrong with Allah, that He should punish you even after you are grateful and believe? Allah is All-Appreciative and All-Knowing.”

If you want to make your life a paradise in this world, then throw away all the grievances and complaints from your heart and mind for everyone. Be grateful to every person, everything, this universe, and Allah Almighty every moment.

The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said,

“He who does not give thanks to peoples, does not give thanks to Allah.” Once you bring “thankfulness” into your life, this universe will reveal such secrets to you that you will be surprised. ..

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What is Thankfulness | Law of Attraction

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