Taj Mahal and Oxford

Taj Mahal and Oxford | While Oxford was being built

Taj Mahal and Oxford

Some people often seem to say that when Oxford was being built in Britain, we in India were building the Taj Mahal, that too in memory of a queen who died during her fourteenth pregnancy.

Now let’s look at the other aspect of the picture

Kudos to the desi women of that era who managed thirteen normal deliveries of a pregnant queen. After studying the science of today’s whites, the doctor performs an operation on an eighteen-year-old girl

The third aspect of the picture

There is a BBC documentary on the Taj Mahal, according to which, when the Taj was built, it used 26 modern sciences, including aerodynamics, which were still being taught at the contemporary Oxford University.

The fourth aspect of the picture

The oldest university in the world was Nalanda which was in India in BC and people from all over the world came to study here.

The fifth aspect of the picture

Mehergarh in 7000 BC and Mohan Jo Daro built in 5000 BC are testimony of the fact that while in most parts of the world, people did not even learn how to make jhuggi (a slum dwelling typically made of mud and corrugated iron) properly, in our area the world’s All red

The magnificent city was inhabited.

The sixth and final aspect of the picture

After the rise of the Muslim rule, when the era of the declining Mughals came, we who were once the Imams in architecture were left behind in the field of industry and craftsmanship and started flying pigeons. Until we suffer from it, instead of reforming ourselves, under the influence of passion, we leave such scars that

“While Oxford was being built in Europe, we were building the Taj Mahal.”

John Abu Yildirim



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